Four years later...

Its been a long four years since I completed my senior thesis. At the time I thought I had produced a body of work to be proud of. My thesis consisted of eight scenes from the epic of Beowulf. This was one of the paintings I was most happy with.

About a month and a half ago, I decided to revisit this concept and illustrate Hrothgar and the giant again. I redesigned the entire concept, came up with a new composition and color scheme and used the new paints I recently discovered at Jerry's Artarama. Needless to say, I think my second pass is much more successful.


Hrothgar WIP

Here is my work in progress. Almost done.


Getting Closer

Here is a close up of one of the characters from my Malthusia painting. He is nearly complete and hopefully this painting will be done soon also.


Malthusia Continued

Here is a detail from my painting.



This is a caricature I did of Obama. I started with a sketch and then once I figured out how I wanted to distort the face I did a layout sketch. I then cut out pieces of the face from a reference photo and placed them under my drawing to create the final image.


Malthusia Painting

This is where I am currently on this illustration. Sorry the image quality isn't better. I don't feel like spending an hour scanning it and piecing it together in photoshop.

This is an illustration I am currently working on. It started as a series of drawings in my sketch book and eventually became a fully laid out illustration with background. Now onto the painting. For the painting I stretched a large piece of watercolor paper over stretcher bars. I am using watercolors and maybe later on some pastels and colored pencils. 


B&W drawings

Color Illustrations

These are a few of my full color illustrations.